3 tips for looking fabulous on all occasions

Starting from our childhood we go to many different occasions. When we were small we attended birthdays, then we started attending weddings of our friends, office functions, get together parties and the list goes on. At any occasion we try our best to look elegant and beautiful. Sometimes these events we attend are milestones of our life. For example, our graduation day, 21st birthday or our wedding day. When the time passes, the only way we can keep all those memories with us is through photographs. Therefore, we try our level best to look good on those pictures. Putting on a nice gown alone does not make you complete. You must focus on your makeup, skin and hair.

Emphasize your eyes

Eyes make a drastic change in any look. Even in fashion, models focus on one main thing which is highlighted on their face; their eyes. Some might have naturally thick eyelashes, but some might not. In that case using fake eyelashes every day is a bit difficult. Therefore, the solution is to use an eyelash extension. These are very similar to real lashes and will gives your eyes a round and glamorous look. You don’t need much makeup with these type of lashes. Therefore, a little bit of mascara or eyeliner would be enough for you to present yourself confidently.

Focus on your hair

Even if you dress up in a nice dress and an elegant makeup, you are not complete without your hair. There are many hair styles you can do according to what you wear. If you don’t like heavy hairstyles, you can simply curl your hair. Or else, you can add a temporary colour to your hair. This process is usually known as tinting. Dying your hair is a permanent process. If you dye your hair with a wrong colour your will regret it. But with tinting, you can wash it off by simply shampooing your hair.

Makeup done right

If you are visiting a salon to get your makeup done, find a salon which will do a makeup which matches your skin and features. If you are doing your own makeup, make sure to use the right products, to highlight your eyes and to apply a lipstick which matches your clothing. However, it is important not to overdo it. Presenting yourself confidently is always the key! If you not too sure about doing your own makeup, all you need to do is find a salon you know is trustworthy.

These are some of the tips you can follow to look your best on any occasion!

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